Who We are

We are a team of engineers, data scientists, marketers and creatives working every day to make great products reach amazing customers for revenue growth. This sounds like what everyone wants and because we know how hard it is to get a solid growth marketing team, we built one that you can access to keep costs low.

AMI Digital uses well-researched growth marketing strategies and tactics for growing early stage and seed start-ups across the globe. Do you want to grow your user base? We have just found the team that makes this work.

Best Ever Services

What We Offer

Growth Marketing

We love to meet teams that have engineered amazing products and where we fit the most is when you need us to get you customers.

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B2B Sales Consultancy

We are experts in SaaS B2B sales and every other business related sales service that you need assistance with anytime.

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Content Development

What is next after you have developed a powerful product is your Go-To Market releases. At this point, your marketing landing page and all other marketing materials need to be ready before launch.

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Brand Identity

Once in a supermarket, you found an amazing fruit juice and bought dozens of them. You did not really care about where it came from or who owned it until they run out from your fridge.

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Meet the team

Our Best Team

Dominic Sepenu
Co-Founder & CEO

Divine Tettey
Co-Founder & CTO

Fabrice Dibe
Head of Brand Projects